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City on a Hill’s Community Groups gather weekly in homes for friendship, discussion, and oftentimes sharing a meal and laughter together. During these times, we also explore the bible together based on the message taught at the previous Sunday’s Worship Gathering. Anyone and everyone is invited, regardless of whether you consider yourself a seeker, skeptic, or seasoned believer or even someone who is just starting your spiritual journey. You are invited to come, explore Christianity in a safe environment where you can ask questions and even push back! We hope you find what we have found in our community groups – a place to call home.

What is a Community Group?

Our Community Groups are also more than just once-a-week gatherings of smaller groups of people. We believe community groups should serve more like a family that cares for each other and those around them in the everyday rhythms of life. That is why each of our community groups has identified a part of the neighborhood and city that they will serve, share and care for. We have even named our community groups based on the areas we seek to care for in our city.

How do I choose a group?

Our Community Groups take place in various locations on various nights around the city. We always recommend that you try to find the group that meets closest to where you live. This will let you see those people you’re in group with more than just once a week. Or maybe you may already have a desire to serve, share and care for a particular area of the neighborhood or city that a group is currently serving. Feel free to check out that group even if they aren’t the group closest to you! Either way, you’re invited to join us as we seek to grow in the good news of Jesus and serve the good of our city.

Are you a college student?

Check out our college ministry and the community groups we offer for you.


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