CoaH Kids


We believe kids ministry is so much more than childcare. We want kids to come away knowing that they are loved by God. In a safe environment, we use fun, engaging and age-specific activities to show them the good news of Jesus and how much they are loved at CoaH kids.

What is CoaH Kids?


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Our CoaH Kids ministry is provided for your children during our Sunday Morning gathering. It currently serves children 3 months – 2nd grade with 3rd – 5th grade classes coming soon. Each of our adult volunteers have been trained and have gone through an interview process and a national background check to ensure that all kids will be safe, have fun and learn about the good news of Jesus with kind and caring leaders. At CoaH Kids, even the youngest children hear the story of Jesus Christ and are prayed for on a weekly basis. We are all about our 3 Kids’ Goals - fun, safety and Gospel centered teaching.


Check in:

When you visit with us, you will be greeted by trained team members as you walk in the doors. They will guide you through the process of checking in your child and finding their classroom. Each guardian and their child will receive an ID sticker with a claim tag and a unique pager code to care best for your family. You can even let us know you’re coming by planning your visit here! Looking forward to meeting you soon!



What are the first two questions every parent asks their child when they get home from school or church? “What did you learn? Did you have fun?” We recognize this and know that all kids love having fun. We try to make learning about Jesus as fun as possible for all kids when they come through our doors!



The safety of your child is our highest priority. All of our volunteer members have been through an application process and background check. Also, we'll give you and your child a name tag with a unique identification code during check-in. Parents must provide a tag with a matching identification number in order to pick up their child.


Gospel Centered Teaching

CoaH Kids isn't childcare; it's a children’s ministry. The difference between the two are subtle, yet very important. The goal of childcare is to watch your child while you go to service. Our goal in CoaH Kids is to allow children to engage with the same message and community you enjoy. We use The Gospel Project curriculum to teach children the stories of the Bible... and that they all point to God's redemptive plan in Jesus.


Age Groups

Nursery (3 months – Under 2 years old)

Your child is very important to us. Our nursery is staffed with caring, well trained adults. There are plenty of age-appropriate toys and opportunities to interact with others. Parents can feel confident their little ones are getting personal care in a safe and nurturing environment.

Toddlers (2 – 3 years old)

Our toddler classrooms are designed especially for a toddlers’ inquisitive nature. They get the chance to channel their creativity at arts and crafts time, learn songs at circle time and play games that prepare them to learn a weekly multimedia Bible lesson taught by the Gospel Project Curriculum. There is also time to munch on classroom snacks and participate in free play.

Preschool (4 – 5 years old)

We all know how enthusiastic preschoolers can be. Our teachers love to help them channel that enthusiasm in a way that helps them learn as well. After craft time, preschoolers gather for music and an activity that makes them get on their toes and put on their thinking caps. It might be a treasure hunt or a guessing game. No matter what it is, they have fun! Then kids take part in a multimedia Bible lesson taught by the Gospel Project Curriculum. After that, they get together for a group activity that helps keep the lesson of the day fresh in their minds. Lastly, they enjoy a snack time followed by some age-appropriate games.

Elementary (Kindergarten – 2nd Grade)

Our elementary classroom is set up to combine high energy activities with opportunities to build friendships and learning. They start with arts and crafts, then move into live relationship-building games designed to help them learn how to work together. Each Sunday, they take part in a multimedia Bible lesson taught by the Gospel Project Curriculum. After that, they join together for another activity to help them remember what they learned.

Coming Soon: Elementary (3rd – 5th Grade)

Our 3rd – 5th graders are invited to join our worship gathering where they will receive a kid’s activity that allows them to have fun and follow along with the service. We will be adding these classrooms to our CoaH Kids Ministry soon, but we look forward to them joining us for the gathering in the meantime.

Serving with CoaH Kids

All of our CoaH Kids volunteers have to fill out an application, background check, reference check, partake in a short interview, and complete a training class. Click the button below to start!



If you have any questions, feel free to contact our CoaH Kids Director, Kelly Jacobs, at